AukSun Trading Ltd.
Who we are
•        A Canadian firm established in 2012
•        Registered under Federal Govt. Corporations of Canada 839427-0
•        Being registered in UK & Pakistan
•        Looking forward to expand our trading services in other countries (DXB etc.)

What we do
•        We offer our prospective clients/partners; trading opportunities between Canada and
various countries through:
–        Our expertise,
–        Partnering
–        Presence in Canada, UK & Pakistan

What we offer you
•        Work in collaboration for mutual gains (by becoming clients / partners)
•        Trade goods or services between Canada and abroad
•        Explore Canadian market for business
•        Assistance in making Canada, your homeland

What we need from you

•        Determination to learn and adapt trading business
•        Ability to speak different languages / proficiency in use of computers
•        Investment ; time, effort, money
•        Market knowledge of your country
–        goods in demand from Canada
–        Import process, distribution network
–        buyers for incoming goods
–        suppliers of outgoing goods   OR
–        Trade goods yourself (import/export)

Mutual Benefits of partnership
•        Arbitrage benefits (buying from low-priced international market and selling to high end)
•        International recognition & exposure
•        International deputation