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  Wallpaper murals are a fantastic way to transform virtually any setting. They can add style and glamour to a home, and they can even help an office or business maintain its level of prestige and sophistication. They're great in children's settings like schools and daycare facilities, as well as in places that need a little extra cheer, such as hospitals, nursing homes and doctor’s offices.

The best thing about custom wall murals is that they can be made to fit any occasion, as there are so many styles to choose from! Businesses can benefit from cutting-edge images of modern architecture or contemporary abstracts. Beach, floral and landscape murals are tremendously popular in homes. Kids wall mural stickers can depict themes such as their favorite cartoon characters, animals, fairies and even aliens from outer space. You're sure to find something to delight any child.

Picture Club offers you three great choices for your wall graphics. Embellitex™ Artist Quality Canvas murals will produce a softer, professional-quality look. Luxuriant™ Fabric-backed Vinyl murals are ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings. The vinyl is easy to maintain and is compatible with conventional cleaning products. SmartStick® murals offer a convenient peel-and-stick application process and can be removed and reused time and again. They're perfect for businesses that frequently change their decor and for kids with growing tastes.
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