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Azra writes prose and poems on nature, love, perseverance, people’s experiences of life and it’s challenges.In her novels, her emphasis is on the
characters and their interpersonal relationships. She intently writes her characters having strength, determination, integrity, and commitment. Her short
stories are based on facts of life, and give a message of hope, high values and morales. In her poetry, her Inspiration is nature and realities of life.  Her
strength is the use of simplicity  in expression and language. Her poetry conveys a deep meaning using few and simple words.

Azra continues to express her feelings and understanding of life in her writings. Here she shares some of her works.
Azra Aftab Khan
Author and Poet
Azra started writing short stories in Saaghar Weekly magazine in 1962. She has since written numerous novels, short stories and
poetry in Urdu. Currently her short stories and poetry are being regularly published in Sahil Monthly magazine in UK. She is involved in
various  literary circles and activities in Pakistan, UK and Canada.
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Azra has traveled extensively in Pakistan, India, Singapore, Srilanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Egypt, England, Scotland, North Wales, Switzerland and
Canada. Most of her stories have been inspired by her travels. Her works have been published and are available in many libraries in England, Pakistan
and Canada.
Kuch Yaadain Kuch Baatain -Azra Aftab Khan
This book is a poetic effort by Azra, and encompasses the intricate balance of wisdom, hope and love in life. She has
reflected on life's past milestones and gives a message to the reader to tailor one's self for a glorious and rewarding life.
(Publications by AukSun Consultants).
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

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The Promise -Azra Aftab Khan
The Promise is an uncompromising effort to fulfill one's profecy, a dream and a
vow. In this novel, Azra has shown a link of life to another's and gives a message
to the reader to compete what he was set out for.
(Publications by AukSun Consultants).
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

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Aye Dost Tu !
Allah Ki Shan
Chirya Ki Uraan
Choonti Ka Safar
Gadhay Ka Shikwa
Indoor plant
Jungle main moor nacha
Khala Ka Gher
Khoobsurat Parinda
More Short Stories
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Feelings by Azra Aftab Khan
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Azra Aftab Khan's Authored Work
Feelings -Azra Aftab Khan
Feelings is about a Painter's dream and the portraits formed thereof. In this novel,
Azra has shown strings of life woven to each other. It takes you through a
memorable journey.
(Publications by AukSun Consultants).
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Click to download  - Khula Rasta
Khula Rasta -Azra Aftab Khan
A mesmerising story of how a determined woman struggles for her family,
despite confrontation.
(Publications by AukSun Consultants).
Click to download  - Silsilay
Silsilay -Azra Aftab Khan
A story about following cultural regimes and values.
(Publications by AukSun Consultants).