Home Décor & Automation Department

Due to the up-rise in consumer technology, we now see smart phones and smart TVs coming to our lives. People are looking for options to turn their homes in to “Smart Homes”.  This is the right time to
introduce our new department in the name of Home Décor & Automation (HDA).  Headed by a Director, this department will procure “smart and decorative home items” from around the world and
introduce these items in (Winnipeg) Canada, where people are habitual of trying new gadgets and lifestyles.

We introduce branded intelligent lights and switches concept that can be integrated with other intelligent functions. A fully equipped house will use Go-Green concept of LED based energy efficient and
intelligent lighting fixtures. Light Emitting Diode lights consume minimal electricity (5 to 7 watts equivalent to 60 watt ordinary bulb) and hence pay back for their price in terms of saving in your electric bill.
Since all gadgets are intelligent and can be controlled from PC, phone, Remote and wall switching they efficiency is further gained. Besides LED bulbs need not be changed till about 50,000 hours.  

Your home will work on your moods; One click from a wall mounted switch, remote or smart phone will transform home lighting to party mood, study mode, relaxation or romantic dinner mode. Music in
each room can be altered independently through your phone, wall touch plate or handy remote. When out of home, Presence Simulation in your home will protect it self with from intruders by switching
lights, TV, music system etc. on and off on its own to show the house is not vacant. After you arrive from a drive, your garage door will sense your car and open its gate as you approach it. The path
lights will switch on through motion sensors and guide you from garage to front door.  The car you just parked in your garage would have charged the storage batteries in it while you were driving. This
charge will now light your lights in the home, garden and pathway.

Motion detectors will light the path entrance door and stairway. In the wash rooms the motion detector will switch on the lights and exhaust automatically when any one comes in. Remote light dimmers
can adjust to room ambient light or your mood. Day light sensors will work on the garden lights to save time. Your curtains and blinds can be opened to let light in and close when it gets dark.

Time switches will heat your water geysers an hour before you get up and switch it off after you leave for work. Upon your return this feature will work again. The air-conditions and heaters will work on
the same function. Garden sprinkler will operate early morning automatically to save evaporating water; or when you switch on your PC, its peripherals; printer, scanner, copiers etc.) will sense it and
switch on automatically. Burglar alarm will activate when you are away, and upon your arrival it will disengage it self.

All gadgets can be controlled from PC, phone, Remote and touch plates on your walls.
Home Automation